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May 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to united states property on on the peninsula. they will work to ensure steel making continues there. >> i can't show you the book but i will read for you. he took my hand -- i can't finish that one. he -- can't say that -- he leaned down -- can't -- you know you can't read any of this. the sticker -- a book in the library you won't find it. the times best seller should be called 52 shades of red as it's just to hot to handle. this is not a book ban now. it's still available through digital down loads but you will have to wait weeks to get it and the library didn't buy paper copies. >> it's porn. i wouldn't want my 15-year-old reading it. >> it's a public and i think it's important for us to be able to enforce our rights that people to write what they want and people to read what they want. >> nobody wanted to show their face. another reader said she should be able to read what she wants and get it from the library. the only thing hotter is our facebook page. what do you think about the library's decision not to carry paper copies of 50 shades of gray? join in the conversation. >> jame
May 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the united states are going to continue to be number one so we have that but we have to have the special session to make sure that happens. >> reporter: the governor said they are close to an agree known fix the budget. >>> the governor signed several bills in to law including one inspired by phyl licia barnes. it races the age for who police can take immediate action. she disappeared around christmas and was found last april and just last month an arrest was announced. >> around the nation now, don't police say a man shot and killed four people including a child before being found dead. they aren't sure in he killed himself but police say the sheet had several firearms and the evidence points to the shooting being a domestic violence situation but police haven't identified a motive. this is one of the biggest hazing cases that could affect colleges for years. 13 people are accused in the death -- the charges are now more than five months after the 26-year-old robert champion died after being beaten on board a chartered bus. >> we have to get rid of the hazes and the only way is to sen
May 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
what the video was recorded. officials say that the united states will not negotiate with al-qaeda and called for his release . in the newsroom. cheryl connor. >> thank you. a 5-year-old was airlifted to hopkins children center from a house in forest hill. fire officials say she was run over by a lawn mower. her father didn't see her. she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. no intersection from the hospital tonight. >> a teen is in custody charged with setting fires in and around the columbia mall. >> we are just back from the area. >> reporter: the suspect is an 18-year-old who lives inside an apartment near the mall. he had been setting fires at the p.m.s and malls, not anymore. early thursday morning at the mall a fire started at a loading dock outside the sears department store. the store had to close for two days. investigators in howard linked it with several earlier cases. >> we knew we had someone who was likely going to strike again. >> reporter: over the weekend they waited outside the mall and just before 1:30 sunday morning they saw a man running
May 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
tonight on the website. we have learned the al-qaeda bomber was a double agent. united states officials say he was working for the cia and was able to get the device and then turn it over to authorities. the bomb was designed to go into underwear without being detected by security at the airport. >> well here we go. it's what we all want right? we all want support but we all need support in different ways, tell me about it. >> check this out. >> i don't want to look at it. could there be a support system that fits all of us? tonight we gut the genie bra to the test asking does it work? >> isn't it time you stopped your daily struggle with the bra? introducing the genie bra. >> this one comes out of a box instead of a bottle. it also claims to grant you three wishes, comfort, style and support. we wanted to know if it is as up lifting as it promises. >> might help with the back fat. >> we took the product to allie to see if it really works. she is looking for a little extra support but she also wants comfort because she likes to sleep in it. >> a lot of them, in my size will be u
May 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
,000 children in the united states who are victims of child sex trafficking every year. >> tina a survive or founded a house that helps children. him affects every family. we think because we live in a wonderful area it doesn't but this because the commodity is children, this affes everybody. >> reporter: and it starts at places you may not expect like the mall. >> we do straight outreach at mall and we do it there because children are being forced in to trafficking there. >> reporter: she said they are being approached at places like malls and theaters being offered modeling jobs orrin vites to party. instead. >> what they do for both boys and girl social security s is rape the child, videotape it and threaten them with it. this happens more than people understand. >> reporter: and happens here in our area where they have easy transportation on highways and plenty of hotels near the airport. the human trafficking task force was formed to try to fight back in many cases the young victims reluctant to work against the pimps making it hard to bring a case. the answer better coordination.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5